When Noisestorm runs the trap, he makes sure it’s run right. However, it wasn’t always that way. Since his 2011 Monstercat debut “Airwaves,” Noisestorm (real name Eoin O’Broin) has been across the board with his productions, making everything from breaks to drumstep. My journey with Noisestorm began in 2012, when dubstep was at its peak in pop culture. As a Minecraft fan, I was heavily watching YouTube “let’s plays” of the game, most of which featured a dubstep outro sequence. While the featured producers were varied for the most part, one artist in particular always stuck out to me, and that artist was Noisestorm.

Since I’ve followed Noisestorm, the Irish talent has proven himself again and again, constantly improving both his sound quality and diversity as a producer. Whether it be his Madeon-supported electro house masterpiece “Surge” or his Star-Wars-esque remix of Excision Pegboard Nerds‘ “Bring the Madness,” Noisestorm has yet to fail me. While his releases are few and far between (he released only two originals last year), the final product is always worth the wait.

This is especially evident with O’Broin’s newest single, “Antihero.” Much like his October 2015 release “Heist,” this single is heavily trap-centric, but with a slightly different twist. On the surface, “Antihero” is a well-produced trap track at a standard tempo, featuring Middle Eastern undertones (the same type that we’ve heard in “Barracuda” and “Sentinel“). No big deal, that’s what you expected to hear. It doesn’t end there though; about two minutes in to the track, listeners will be completely caught off guard by the second drop, an epic hybrid hard dance/trap portion of the track that makes for one of the hardest pieces Noisestorm has done since the “Breakdown” VIP. Yes, it’s that good.

Listen to “Antihero” and buy the track below:

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