Today, we’ve got something extremely special for you all. As part of 11 entirely exclusive tunes in parallel with 60 of the most monumental and timeless songs of our recent past, we at Your EDM proud to present Evol Intent‘s “Disconnect”. Boasting an entirely diverse and complex track selection across three weighty CD’s of absolute monstrosity, the team is back at it again to kick March into high gear for the drum and bass community with aim of releasing the largest Drum&BassArena compilation yet (and boy have they succeeded.) 

Our tune today spurs through dramatic strings and an outlandish funk-based rise in tension. As the percussion triggers through with the meatiest of kicks, the synthetic talk box vocalizes the simple word “Disconnected” with enough eery definition and processing to send shivers down our spine- that is well… until the drop comes. For that, I’ll just let you lot hear it for yourselves.

This masterpiece, along with all of the others in conjunction with this groundbreaking compilation are set for release on March 11th. Trust me, you won’t wanna sleep on this one.

Preorder link here: