Consumer drones have been all the rage for the last two years. Selfie drones, racing drones, attack drones, exploration drones, you name it they have it. Until recently taking drones to music festivals was out of the question, unless you were working for the festival itself. Now however, Nixie has opened the floodgates to the ultimate festival drone that will document your entire trip.

Nixie is the first ever wearable drone that can travel with you where ever you go. Attached to the wrist like a watch, Nixie can detach at anytime and take to the sky to take your picture, follow you, or even record video of your actions. When you are done with it, simply fold it around your wrist like a watch and be on your way.

You no longer have to lug around a heavy and bulky drone to get the full experience of this new technology. Dance your heart away as your personal drone hovers close by, documenting your festival experience. Better yet, let’s see deadmau5 whip one out to live stream his next set for the horde from a unique vantage point.

Check out the preview video below:

Find out more information on their website: HERE