Skrillex is about to take over the Snake Pit in Indianapolis for the Indy 500 and with that in mind, news channel WISH-TV decided to ask locals if they knew who Skrillex was. In a similar vein as one of Jimmy Fallon’s comical segments, this short string of interviews shines the light on how, even with the success of tracks like “Where Are Ü Now,” some still don’t know who Skrillex is aside from mildly recognizing his name.

WISH-TV also focuses some camera time on local DJ and Skrillex aficionado Richard Arima, who tries to better educate some of the viewers by showing some of his very own Skrillex-inspired tracks. The 2-minute long segment is definitely worth the watch, if for the chuckles alone.

Skrillex will be joining Martin Garrix, Zeds Dead and others at the Snake Pit on May 29th.