Already boasting a solid history of mind crumbling releases, Mercer has just released his debut EP. Titled Opium, the release is the seventh product of Tchami’s own Confession imprint. Outlandish at first, Mercer’s own breed of aggressive house blends seamlessly into the overall vibe of Confession’s repertoire, and abrasive synth work only further asserts Mercer as established talent.

“Opium” kicks the EP into rhythm with a twist on what we know to be bass house, contorting metallic tomes into an ebbing melody ripe for the shuffling. Sharp percussion supports rumbling leads as the track drifts into an abrasive breakdown, priming the energy for “Drop It Low.”

Continuing the kinetic design, Mightyfools contribute their trademark electro prowess to make “Drop It Low” a vicious main stage anthem. It’s this final track that packs the most pressure to get up and dance, and drowned pings clash with mottled vocals for a scintillating drop.

Combined, these two tracks make for one of the most energetic Confession releases to date. Have a listen below and be sure to swoop up Mercer’s Opium EP via iTunes.