Monstercat fans were in for a huge treat on Monday with the release of WRLD‘s second studio EP, Awake. Having set the bar extremely high with his stellar debut Chase It, WRLD had a lot to live up to. I wasn’t entirely sure how well his followup would turn out (especially since its release came only slightly over 6 months after his debut), however, the talented producer has once again proven me wrong. While his debut showcased his ability to create an extremely cohesive project, WRLD’s sophomore attempt acts as more of a testament to his overall diversity as a producer.

The EP greets listeners with the title track “Awake,” the only song on the EP that sounds remotely like anything WRLD has produced before. Where the Chase It EP closed with the anthemic indie dance tune (“Little Too Close”), Awake opens it, providing a seeming stylistic transition from the first EP to the second. “Awake” defines the indie dance genre all on its own with its spunky bass line, infectious melody and rhythmic electric guitar undertones. If that wasn’t enough, the track features Jonny Rose‘s side project Colordrive, an appearance that is only unmatched to Summer Was Fun‘s “Watching,” which featured the duo as well.

The major surprise on the EP comes with “Drowning,” an almost Disclosure-esque R&B/electronic hybrid that could easily compete with artists in the big leagues. The track also features a stellar appearance from Ehiorobo, who made his Monstercat debut with this track. Long-time WRLD fans will also be caught off guard with the EP’s closer, “Discovery,” which is the producer’s first attempt at a full-on house track. While I’m definitely getting a classic Audien and Maor Levi vibe from this, WRLD’s stylistic blend makes the track sound unique enough to be praised.

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