WRLD has finally released his highly anticipated Chase It EP on powerhouse record label Monstercat. This EP features some of the best vocalists out there, including SavoiRichard Caddock, and  Veronika Redd. He’s had several Monstercat releases in the past, all of them being ever so experimental, bright, and truly genius. This new EP in itself has appeared to be an incredible journey for WRLD, and he’s been looking forward to the release for a long time. We got to sit down with this talented artist to discuss this release, his start, and what he looks forward to most on his musical journey.

What has it been like being apart of the Monstercat family?

“It has been great! Everyone is so nice and being associated with a ton of amazing artists is obviously awesome.”

You have collaborated with many artists on your past releases. Who can we expect you to work with next?

“I don’t really plan out collaborations but I know I’ll be working with more vocalists. The direction I’m going with my new music is very vocal oriented. When working with vocalists I always decide on who is going to sing after the instrumental track has been made.”

What are some of the thoughts and feelings that have come up with you during the making of your upcoming EP?

“I think the most important feeling for me was nostalgia which is a big part of what the title track ‘Chase It’ is about for me. It was heavily inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and it’s my favorite track off the EP.”

What do you believe are some of your biggest triumphs (no pun intended) of your music career?

“Releasing on Monstercat has been one of my biggest triumphs for sure, even though it happened very early in my career. I’ve been a fan of the label for a long time and I never expected to actually get a release on there!”

What sort of sound structure and composition can we expect from your new EP?

“I stepped away from dance-y structures and repetitive chord progressions and moved to a more pop infused style. Pop music has always been really interesting to me, and I wanted to experiment with it as much as I could on this EP. I also wanted to show my love for Nu-Disco, something I haven’t really done before.”

What bigger named artist have you wanted to collaborate with?

“Owl City’s Adam Young for sure. He is my favorite musician of all time and his voice is also amazing, so I’d love to have him sing on one of my tracks!”

We heard you were inspired to make music after hearing someone who composed a song out of just Windows sounds. What specifically did you feel about the song you heard, and how did this jump start you into your wishes to produce electronic music?

“Correct, haha! I basically just thought it was cool that someone was able to make a song out of these typical Windows sounds and that’s why I wanted to give it a shot as well. At that time I had no interest in music at all. After downloading the software the Windows song was made in, I realized it was a ton of fun to make music that way, and that’s why I kept doing it.”

Who have been your favorite vocalists to work with?

“Richard Caddock, of course. There’s no one I work with as smoothly as I do with him. Our inspirations are really similar as well so we’re always in the same frame of mind.”

What has it been like growing up in the Netherlands? Does your homeland give you inspiration for your music?

“Growing up here has been nice, but I don’t think it has had an influence on me at all to be honest. People might assume I’ve come into the dance culture this early because I’m Dutch, but it actually happened because I just spent a lot of time in the internet haha.”

What was it like to work with the Moving Castle crew?

“Amazing! Moving Castle are such a creative group of people. They were also some of the first people to support me and they’ve helped me a lot to get to where I am right now.”

Bonus Question!
What is your favorite dessert?

“Tiramisu? Cherry Cheesecake?? Stracciatella ice cream???”

As you can see, WRLD has been on an epic adventure throughout his career, and we can really hear his creative mindset and ingenuity in his latest EP. It all starts with “Chase It”, which is WRLD’s favorite on this production collective featuring vocals from Savoi. This fluttering and upbeat tune is filled with bright electronic sounds, cool vocals, and powerful composition. It’s got everything a fantastic pop song would need, and it’s of course got WRLD’s signature qualities in it. “Echo” comes next which features the vocal styling of Richard Caddock. This tune is definitely a lot like the WRLD we know and love. It’s jam packed with uplifting and happy vocals, futue bass energy and beautiful rhythmic electro patterns. This one is probably my favorite, seeing as I too love Richard’s voice, and I have even gone as far to say he sounds a lot like Adam Young of Owl City.

The next song dubbed “Style” is absolutely gorgeous. The vocals sampled in the track are so lovely, and the poppy and light vibes you get from it instantly put a smile on your face. It’s vivacious and something you can really just dance around a room to. It’s definitely got those nu disco pieces, and I love the electronic solo bit at the end. To complete this journey, the EP closes out with “Little Too Close” featuring lovely vocals from Veronika Redd. It begins with a Porter Robinson feel, epic and enlightening, with the vocals lightly hovering over electro synths and bass. The entire track is composed of incredible energy, and it fits perfectly as the track to complete this EP.

I love the way WRLD’s significant sound structure seems to flit and flutter throughout his work, bringing every possible moment of the music to life. I am utterly impressed by how great of a person he is, and his music definitely matches his personality. I am very excited to see what else will be in store for him, and I wish him nothing but the best on his musical endeavors. You can download the EP below, and you can catch more from WRLD by following him on his social media links as well.

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