Circus Records has been branching out of the just-dubstep early phase of its existence for a couple of years now, and I feel like it’s taken a little while for them to truly find their footing in this weird world of expanding new sounds. Cyran is a fantastic step in the right direction, presenting his new track “Just Like You.”

The track features looped, crooning vocals  and stunning synth harmonies, “Just Like You” is a cacophony of well-matched sounds all placed together in just the right ways. It’s a unique track in its progression and choice of sounds, employing various “bings” and plucks and such.

Cyran is last year’s Circus Remix Competition winner, and “Just Like You” is his first original out on Circus Records. The track will be released as part of the Grand Central Miami, Vol 2 compilation this Friday! Get your pre-order here: