Few “mystery” artists impress us these days, following the wild success of ZHUMalaa and Marshmello, but we are always eager to admit when someone new and exciting leaves a lasting impression on us.

This is exactly the case for Jane XØ also known as Jane Doe, a mysterious producer who emerged on SoundCloud with no followers and one incredible single aptly named “Hard To Forget.” From the mellow introduction to the emotive conclusion, this track simply has us enraptured. The vocals are extremely well sung, well written, and well chopped for a chilled out, pop-trap professional level production. The percussion and synths are perfectly adapted to the soft female intonations in such a manner that hints at years of experience… But what do we really know about this newfound artist?

The biography on Jane XØ’s social media accounts is short and to the point, yet we’re immediately left speculating whether this is, in fact, a female producer – and in that case, if these are her vocals on the track as well; cause damn is this good, and talented producers are one thing, but producers that can sing and write their own lyrics as well have always seen atypical amounts of success. Just look at Calvin Harris.

Being able to express myself musically without limits, no worries of judgement, no worries of success or failure is why I remain behind the wall of anonymity. I hope you enjoy the first part of my story. – Jane XØ