SoundCloud has been under a politician-size scrutiny lately, as the gargantuan streaming service has been littered with lawsuits and even an infuriated petition. Running a globally influential corporation comes with its complexities, and thusly appeasing everyone is borderline impossible. Business is always at the forefront, and that’s why SoundCloud has been gradually progressing towards platform monetization. Yesterday that plan experienced its most significant progress to date, as they officially hired Alison Moore as their first Chief Revenue Officer.

Moore brings invaluable experience and insight to the table directly resulting from her previous bout as Vice President of NBC Universal’s TV Everywhere. As CRO, she will be in complete control of marketing and ad sales, and most importantly, the developing subscription service. SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung had these incredibly supportive words to say about Moore in a public press release:

Alison is an innovative and strategic leader with a proven track record of building consumer business strategies that drive new revenue growth across multiple platforms. Most importantly, she has an understanding of both the complexities of SoundCloud’s business, and the content and entertainment industries, having spent the majority of her career building businesses, products and experiences that deepen consumer engagement with extraordinary content.

In conjunction with a massive licensing deal with Universal Music in January, it’s clear that SoundCloud is efficiently stocking its arsenal to overtake Spotify as the number one streaming service in the world. It’s increasingly difficult to keep musicians and listeners happy, yes, but SoundCloud has to make sure its business continues to be self-supportive and profitable. As a producer myself, I am constantly enraged by the seemingly random acts of copyright takedowns and three-strike rule. However, I understand that business leaders undergo taxing decision-making processes, and sometimes you need to prioritize operations to stay afloat. SoundCloud is doing just that as they put their monetization strategies on full-throttle, and their hiring of savvy executive Alison Moore is perfect proof.


Source: Thump