Deadmau5 is not happy with Sirius XM after the satellite radio station apparently ripped his latest Soundcloud upload and started putting it in rotation. “4ware” is a nine-minute progressive house track that came out 4 days ago, but for some reason, the track is now being played on the radio.

This would all be fine and dandy (not really, actually) if deadmau5 had had some sort of pre-determined agreement with the radio station for his future releases, but not even that is true.

There’s a massive difference between a fan ripping a Soundcloud track and putting it their library for their own enjoyment, and an international radio station ripping a track without proper license and monetizing it – which is actually illegal. And while we love to listen to deadmau5 as much as possible, as much as the next guy, doing so properly is paramount.

It doesn’t seem like Sirius XM has issued a response as of yet.