As Calyx & Teebee gear up to release their third studio album, 1×1, Your EDM has the exclusive premiere of the heater “Nothing Left.” Characterized by standard DnB breaks and a harsh, discordant bassline, the track makes brilliant use of minor chords to emphasize its almost bleak outlook.

The lyrics combined with the overall motif of the record give off an impression of hopelessness and despair. It’s an idea that’s often attempted to be conveyed in DnB, though I can’t recall a time when it was done so transparently. You can easily picture this track being used in a video wherein a main character is seen running away from an antagonist of some sort – except the viewer already knows that there’s no chance of escape.

With what we’ve already been shown from the album, there’s no doubt that Calyx & Teebee are suer to present one of the top albums in the genre this year.