Daft Punk is probably one of the most covered groups on YouTube, owing primarily to their vast discography and broad selection of simple, yet highly enjoyable, music. Especially after Random Access Memories, when more acoustic elements were introduced to their music, everyone and their mother started covering their songs. So far, Your EDM has reported on guitar covers, LEGO Bionicle covers, and even covers made from lines of code. This next one though might be the most unique yet.

Snubby J is a YouTube performer who covered a variety of Daft Punk songs on rimba tubes (a home-crafted PVC pipe instrument), as well as the marimba and a classic keyboard. He alludes to a variety of tracks including “Get Lucky,” “Lose Yourself To Dance,” and “Aerodynamic.” Watch below, and view the original here.

Daft Punk + Plastic TubesDaft Punk + Plastic Tubes is AWESOME.

Posted by Newscrusher on Saturday, March 12, 2016