Sure, you may have seen the Daft Hands videos or the tribute duo, One More Time, but the Toa Mata Band is… different.

Constructed by mastermind Arduino Uno, the Toa Mata Band is made entirely of LEGO’s Bionicle series, with Uno conducting the performance from his own MIDI sequencer. Robots covering robots – it’s almost too beautiful.

At first glance, the video appears to have a rave clad Leonidas fiddling with some amps and a bass guitar, but that all changes rather quickly. Documenting the Toa Mata set-up, this clip shows us just how ingenious the entire layout is. Utilizing everything from an iPhone, Gameboy, and a Launchpad, Uno commands these little warriors for a flawless rendition of “Da Funk.” And yes, the Toa Mata Band is indeed on tour. Scope the video below, and be sure to check out Uno’s channel, Opificio Sonico, for more.


H/T Stoney Roads