Producer Blu J has just teamed up with incredible vocalist Moonzz to create an original track called “GDBYE.” Named for the song’s leading hook and underlying lyrical message, it was premiered exclusively by Zane Lowe during a recent Apple 1 Beats Radio program. Coming as an optimistic but meaningful house tune, the track manages to display each of its contributors’ unique styles and musical capabilities. It’s currently available for free download here.

The track begins with warm bumps of a mellow synth behind Moonzz’s uplifting vocals, before a light series of claps and swirls of white noise enter the picture. The main chorus abruptly transforms the song into a soulful and slightly melancholy swayer, complete with clean kicks and fluid, atmospheric elements. The build begins, climaxing into a sub-heavy and simplistic baseline melody as Moonzz continues to riff above. Many of the song’s most powerful elements are eventually stripped away, leaving a barebones collection of intimate sounds. The swell begins once more, this time dropping the listener off into an environment with newfound energy and funky, distorted vocal chops.

Click here to download the track for free!