Coming off the heels of Flume‘s legendary performance at Australia’s Laneway Festival and the two previews he played out for the very first time, the producer extraordinaire has emerged once again to debut new matieral through Annie Mac’s BBC 1 Radio program, as well as a premiere radio debut for another track from his upcoming album, Skin.

The first is another collaboration with vocalist Kučka, and as of yet has no formal title. The only other time we’ve heard this track was when it was played out during Laneway, but since the time of our posting, the video has been taken down. It begins with a chaotic field of scratching, electronic noises that blur over one another. Suddenly, harsh percussion strikes completely take over the space, employing the effective use of deadly silence in between the beats. Soulful vocal stings ring out during the spaces as the track’s tempo becomes more apparent. Wide, buzzing synths wash over the space as the song progresses, eventually becoming one of the rhythm’s most defining factors.

During the break, after the song finished playing, Annie Mac even took song name suggestions from her listeners. Among the several options fed to him, Flume’s favorite title for the track was “Underhand Emotions.”

The next track is a cover of Alessia Cara‘s “Here,” and utilizes vocals from both Kučka and Kai. His two favorite singers swap back and forth over the course of the song, as a slow and clomping percussion arrangement pulls the whole thing forward. Beefy sub punches and ascending sirens add ambience to the rhythm, eventually culminating in a swaying, anthemic finish.

Listen to the full, 20-minute program in the player below, and keep your fingers crossed for the inevitable updates of Skin shortly.