Fresh off the release of his stunning remix-mashup of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love,” and Steve James’ “Renaissance” that re-invigorated Kap Slap’s career and put him back on the map as dance music’s premiere mash-up guru, the multi-talented artist is building up the anticipation to his annual Spring Mix with a free “Bootie Bundle Pack” that features 10 free tracks. Since his emergence on the scene years ago, Kap Slap has solidified his standing as one of the dance music’s best mash-up artists, building a strong reputation for masterfully blending tracks together. In recent years, Kap Slap has proven that he not only specializes in mash-ups, but he also has the production chops to back up his status with releases like “Rewind” and “Let It Out.”

Now, Kap Slap is giving back to his fans with a special bundle of 10 free tracks, including his renowned remix-mashup, “Same Old Sorry,” and a slew of never-before-seen mash-ups. You can check out the teaser video for the bundle pack below, and download it for yourself here.