The trio from Chicago has been busy for some time now splitting time on the road showing off their new live set and teasing the release of this EP in an excruciatingly painful way – the slow track by track tease. Thankfully Autograf‘s debut EP Future Soup is now finally out in full for us to enjoy from start to finish.

While the first few singles “Future Soup” and “Heartbeat” have already been out for some time now we’re finally able to listen to the tail end of the EP. If you ask the trio themselves they envisioned the EP as one collective listening experience from start to finish rather than just five singles put together.

We created it as a body of work rather than a collection of individual songs, meant to be listened to as a whole, from start to finish. It’s gratifying making art this way, to be able to tell a story through music and have you experience it like you would a live set or art series. We hope it takes you on a deeper journey, and that you share this ride with your friends. This story is only the beginning. Thanks for coming along.

Be sure to pick up the EP from your preferred platform here!