With a brand new remix package of their smash single ‘Sayonara’ just out on Universal Sweden, Rebecca & Fiona are as relevant as ever. We caught up with the Swedish duo to hear more about their current work.

How have your fans reacted to ‘Sayonara’?

Hopefully they like it, because it is only the beginning of our new super cool pop sound!

Did you have fun making it?

It was awesome!

A lot of artists do an alternative mix themselves – did you ever consider doing your own edit?

We are working on an alternative version that we might bring to the road! Or maybe it will be only for private parties at home 🙂

We really like the Speaker Of The House remix – which one has been working for you?

They are all really good, but when we feel like dancing sexy and crazy with our girlfriends, the Salvatore Ganacci one does not disappoint!

What is next for you, release-wise?

We have two potential songs to release as the next single, and they are both super cool and really good, so it’s hard to decide!

What has been the standout moment in your careers so far?

The fact that we have two Swedish Grammy awards is so fucking awesome, but also sometimes when we are given free make up and such, it feels like a dream!

Who would win in an arm wrestling match between you two?

Definitely Fiona, since she was a champion in climbing during her teens!