The young producer known as Rezz has become a growing force in the world of electronic music today. Backed by industry icons such as Deadmau5, Skrillex and Destructo, her steady rise is a direct reflection of the creative and out-of-this-world music she has infused into the scene.

On the heels back-to-back shows in the Northwest, Rezz made her way down South to showcase her dark, distorted, and bass-heavy sounds in front of a sold out show at San Francisco’s Mezzanine. Fittingly playing behind a large black stage, Rezz matched the tone of her music wearing an all-black outfit, including a baseball cap. She captivated the crowd from the get-go wit her slow rocking music to which people were genuinely entranced. Her set primarily consisted of her own productions, and included notable songs like “Plague,” “Lucifer,” and “I.” She also piped in her revision of Gesaffelstein’s “Michel Jarre” and later dropped the massive industrial sounding track, “Hyacinthus,” produced by OWSLA’s Alesia.

The visuals used during the show were minimalistic and carried dark undertones thanks to simple yet ominous flashing lights. This helped heighten a sense of gloom, perfectly mirroring Rezz’s musical vibes. Her combination of music, lights and demeanor was a winning formula, allowing for a unique experience for the crowd.

Make sure to catch Rezz next time she is in your area. Her style and sound make her an act you won’t want to miss.