Producer Jåmvvis, one of record label Fête‘s frontmen, has just come out with his latest original: an emotional, jazz-focused hip hop rhythm, with brass courtesy of Ny Odus, called “Silly Ho.” Ny Odus was most recently featured here for his work on Lege Kale’s remix of Yeek’s “The Drums.” His inclusion on this track comes as another welcome and fiercely smooth addition to Jåmvvis’s beat, and rounds out the sonic picture with grace and fluidity. It’s currently available for free download here.

The track begins with a warm and slow hip hop rhythm, as short brass phrases and distant, echoed gasps punctuate the spaces. A pitched vocal enters the picture behind the percussion, while beeps and swaying atmospheric elements swirl around the environment. Ny Odus’s brass soon takes center stage alongside the rhythm, transforming the track into a kind of anthemic, soulful riff.

Click here to download the track for free!