You may not know Steve Void by name, but you’ll know him soon. The rising producer has been putting quality remix after quality remix, and his latest spin on a very popular track cements Void’s exemplary trajectory.

Steve Void’s latest remix takes on the hit track “Shades of Grey” by Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank. For his spin on the track, Void infuses tropical elements to give the track a perfectly uplifting tone. Void isolates Delaney Jane‘s vocals to reinforce the power behind the tropical synths once they kick in, and some added hi-hats and drums kick up the energy so the remix doesn’t subdue the listener like some tropical/deep house tracks. Void’s remix is fit for poolsides and clubs alike, and will certainly add another notch to his already-eclectic belt of productions.

Listen to Steve Void’s “Shades of Grey” remix below, and grab the track for free via the “Free Download” button: