We don’t have to go into the gruesome details of last year’s TomorrowWorld, I believe that’s been done enough already. However, between the mud, rain and unhappiness, there were thousands of happy moments from the residents of TomorrowWorld, DreamVille and beyond. And now, not long after TomorrowWorld announced that it will not be returning in 2016, the team behind one of the most impressive festivals in the world has unveiled its 2015 aftermovie featuring only the happiest and brightest moments of the weekend.

One of the more eye-catching (or rather, ear-catching) moments of the video comes at the very end, when the narrator proclaims, “The key unlocked true happiness, and is now carried to its next destination where it will show its true power once again.”

Could this be an indication that TomorrowWorld is changing locations for its next installment? Perhaps. It is highly unlikely that it will return to Chattahoochee Hills. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.