If there’s one label that specializes in the sound of progressive house, it’s ZeroThree Records. Spearheaded by a few of the most brilliant and pioneering creatives in the game, this label is responsible for developing amazing artists such as Capa, along with establishing a fine roster of gents, including Soundprank, Jaytech and Maor Levi.

Their latest release is a full on progressive house compilation, titled #REALPROGV2, fully loaded with 12 exclusive tracks and DJ mix! You’re greeted instantly from Jaytech‘s brand new original, “Paragon”, and boy is it a good one. My favorite selection off the album follows and it’s “A Force Called Gravity”, orchestrated by the immensely talented Gai Barone. It’s a masterpiece from start to finish.

Another sizzling tune off this album comes from Max Freegrant and his single, “When The Sun Goes Down”. It puts the beautiful picture in your head of you and thousands of others dancing to this track in Miami right as the sun is setting and energy is ramping up.  Don’t sleep on Flynthe‘s “Awesome” either, it’s perhaps the most diverse song off the album with a thunderous presence.

Last but certainly not least is Dylhen‘s “Reboot”. It’s a deeper selection but holds an incredible amount of character. This six and a half minute gem earns a standing ovation, bringing #REALPROGV2 to a cinematic close.

Listen below and be sure to get a copy of #REALPROGV2 on iTunes!