From what we could tell from behind our computer screens, Day 1 of Ultra Music Festival in Miami went by without a hitch. The live stream, although frustratingly interrupted, went incredibly smoothly when you factor in the amount of stages and overlapped sets that occurred during the day. The sound systems – besides Deadmau5’s mishap with Spotify’s team – were solid and held together, while the visuals and effects were just as enormous  and jaw-dropping as we’d expect them to be.

As we enter Day 2, however, we’ve run into our first, real pitfall. After Crystal Castles and Nero’s live set on the Live Stage tonight, legendary electronic group The Prodigy were scheduled to close out the evening with an 11:00 p.m. performance. But according to a post on their Facebook page late last night, it seems that Ultra will be scrambling to rearrange the set times and find a suitable replacement.

The Prodigy are very disappointed to announce that they will not be performing at Ultra Music festival on Saturday…

Posted by The Prodigy on Friday, March 18, 2016

Group member Maxim, the post says, has been instructed by doctors not to venture to Miami. The last time the band was forced to cancel a performance, one fan said, was back in 2011 when they were on tour with Linkin Park.

“We are all gutted about this, we were ready n fired up about comin to play Miami Ultra, I can’t even remember the last time we had to pull out of a show. We will be back to play in the USA as soon as possible.” – Liam

Now, dedicated fans and attendees will have to wait to see what Ultra is able to come up with as a replacement. With such a wide hosts of acts already on the roster, they’ll certainly be hard pressed to find someone worthy of taking over for one of the Greats. As more information surfaces, check back here for timely updates.