Martin Garrix recently teamed up with 7UP to present an event unlike any other. In cooperation with Fake Love, Martin Garrix and 7UP created a concert for the deaf that utilized a variety of tactile experiments and features to give participants the experience of feeling their music.

Attendees were treated to walls covered in speaker cones that they could feel and interact with, as well as padded flooring that vibrated throughout the body. Visuals were paired to water experiments that the music itself brought to life, creating a completely seamless and encompassing audio/visual experience. Some attendees were also fitted with Subpac-like backpack systems that conveyed bass throughout the body.

Many who attended had been deaf since birth, and this was the first kind of experience built around their needs to such an extent. The truly emotional video is available to watch now – just a warning, have some tissues ready.

If you’d like to see how it all came together, 7UP created a video for that, as well.

Martin Garrix performs tonight at Ultra Music Festival. If you’re not there, make sure to stream it live at 11PM EST at

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