The ability to turn a passion into a career…now that’s the independent artist’s dilemma.

Back in 2013, an assortment of artists, designers and product developers knew this struggle all too well.

United through a common desire to provide artists an avenue to share their art, and have them profit while doing so, inspired this collective group to create Artist Threads.

Via clothing and house accessories, Artist Threads displays the works of talented independent artists. They accept art submissions worldwide, handpicking only the most intensely creative artists to feature on their apparel.

Each sale gives an artist exposure, recognition and, of course, commission. What this means is you can support your favorite artists through wearable art.howitworksartistthredsArtist Threads showcase an artist’s work on everything from socks to onesies to duvet covers.

Oh, and they use this print technology called “sublimation.” Now I’m not going to pretend like I understand what that means, but what I do know is that it prints some of the brightest colors and sharpest designs I’ve ever seen on fabric.

What you see on the Artist Threads website is actually what you get, vibrant colors and all!artistthreadshoodiesEvery piece is hand-sewn and hand-printed on demand, right down in Cali. However, due to this “manufacturing-on-demand,” beware if you’re as indecisive as I am or are buying a gift for someone. There’s a shipment period of 7-14 business days and you cannot return.

But don’t worry, that’s why we here at Your EDM conduct product reviews to help guide you through your shopping experience!

In the shape of sweatshirts, tees, socks and leggings, I received works from artists that are being currently featured, such as Rooz Kashani, Lucas Merker, Erik Krysinski, to list a few.artistthreadssacseedcrewneckSince Artist Threads is mostly a unisex brand, minus a few products, the standard cut tops seemingly run “true to size,” if not just a smidgen lengthy.

Both their sweatshirts and tees are ridiculously soft, made from light yet durable fabric with impeccable stitching, solidifying Artist Threads as an ideal spring/summer brand.

Although this thinner fabric is beneficial in warmer weather, I should warn you that this does slightly affect the aesthetics of the apparel.

The shirts tend to be stretchy and resemble somewhat of a “shinier” appearance while the sweatshirts have a looser fit at the elastic waistband.artistthreadsleggingsArtist Threads leggings carry the same soft and stretchy comfort that characterizes their apparel. Once again, the fabric and creatively designed colored prints are exactly how they are displayed on the web. And to my delight, even the busiest of leggings are surprisingly helpful when covering up any unwanted flaws.

I would recommend getting a size up to anyone ordering leggings from the women’s section. Although never see-through, the design’s colors tend to fade the more you stretch out the fabric. Ladies, please note that these leggings have that single band of elastic for the waist, which can cut into people who don’t have those festival-ready abs. artistthreadsshowercurtainWhatever product you end up choosing at Artist Threads, you’re sure to receive an artist’s ridiculously complex imagery, hand-printed on high-quality apparel. The colors displayed on the website directly reflect what you will see in person when your order has arrived.Artist Threads' LogoIf you’re bold enough to rep your favorite artist’s intensely psychedelic and crazy patterns or think you have what it takes to be featured –