Legendary rock star Gene Simmons, the frontman of KISS, recently sat down with Rolling Stone to give us some commentary on today’s pop music. For the most part, Gene Simmons bemoaned the current state of the music industry before moving onto some of the genres he believed were the worst offenders.

While he didn’t hold back on his criticism of rap stating that “I am looking forward to the death of rap” or contemporary rock music, even, saying, “as far as I’m concerned, rock is dead,” he was was surprisingly docile on EDM, though his words seem more like a backhanded compliment than anything else.

“EDM is honest. Here’s a guy onstage who does f***-all, he does nothing. He presses a button and puts his hands up in the air. He doesn’t pretend to be lip-syncing to a track. He has a light show and it’s an honest relationship.”

While that definitely has an air of condescension around it, and I can certainly name quite a few artists who would take offense at the ‘does f***-all’ characterization, it’s interesting to note that he thinks rap and rock are worse offenders in the grand scheme of things.

Check out his full rant on what’s wrong with the music industry on Rolling Stone.


Featured Image Source: Billboard