As the Miami sun began to set at Ultra Music Festival on day 1, the king of Tropical house, Kygo, dominated the main stage.

And I dare say, it was the best DJ set we’ve seen from this Norwegian producer.

Featuring a strong setlist, Kygo even debuted his brand new track featuring the unparalleled vocals of the one and only, John Legend.

Titled “Happy Birthday,” the track is complete with John Legend’s seductive voice and of course, Kygo’s chill tropical vibes. Although a somewhat surprising duo, the two artists compliment each other’s talent incredibly well. Perfectly encapsulating Ultra’s contagiously good energy, you can’t resist having an ear-to-ear grin pop up on your face while listening to this beat.

Starting at 3:33, you can check out the king of tropical house and John Legend’s new song in the video below:

Kygo At Ultra Music Festival 2016 from on Vimeo.