Disturbing news coming out of Miami as a story is developing about a young Brazilian woman who was tragically raped in an intoxicated state by a Miami-Dade Transit supervisor, Carl Lee Wilt. NBC News reports that the woman, whose name has not been disclosed, was not allowed onto the Metro Mover due to her highly intoxicated state.

Witnesses saw a man, later identified as Wilt, take the woman into a utility room; they called the police. When officers arrived on the scene, “they had to wait five minutes before the door was opened, the report said. Wilt opened the door and came out of the room with his zipper down and the woman was unconscious on the floor, police said.

The woman couldn’t remember any details of her encounter with the man and said she didn’t consent to having sex with him, the report said. Wilt admitted to having sex with the woman in the secluded utility room, the report said.”

The woman was taken to Miami Jackson Hospital’s rape treatment center, while Wilt was taken into custody.

This MUST serve as a reminder to ravers to look out for your fellow party people, especially those who appear in need of help, and to exercise extreme caution when leaving these events.

Overall, Miami Police have reported at least 67 arrests at the festival over the three days.

“Twenty-nine of the arrests included felonies, while the other 38 arrests were misdemeanors, according to Miami Police.”

via WSVN