Today, producers Holly and Loud have teamed up to release the duo’s latest original, this time in the form of a minimal and darkly experimental trap single called “Warrior.” The last time these two collaborated was two months ago when they and Outlit released “Shock” through record label Fête. This time, Holly and Loud focused their talents toward crafting a track that expertly represents each of their unique styles, all while fostering a completely novel, engaging sound. It’s currently available for free download here.

The song begins with a spastic series of scrapes and high-pitched whirs, before a small swell of white noise breaks into a wide and powerful sting of bassy brass. Abrasive percussion hits soon enter the picture, characterizing the steady climb upwards into the drop. Suddenly, a warm and resounding sub bass rumbles underneath slightly off-tempo, spectrum-wide tones. These sounds are rearranged into a new melody during the track’s second drop, where hi hat rolls and wubs fill in the gaps.

Click here to download the track for free!