Between throwing cakes at festivals and his residency at major Las Vegas nightclub Hakkasan, Steve Aoki makes time to get fitted for a new suit to wear to the White House.

“I got invited to the White House, so I’ve gotta look nice and pretty, you know?” he says.

Aoki campaigned for President Obama as part of a group called DJs For Obama, and has taken a vocal role in his support for Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders in this election cycle. Aoki says that one of his “political leanings” is multiculturalism. DJs as big as Aoki are given the opportunity to travel the world and interact with a wide variety of different cultures, so it’s not a surprise that Aoki is so supportive of diversity.

“Life just becomes more colorful. Do you want to live in only one ratio of the rainbow? One spectrum of life? No one really does.”

Though Aoki did not expand on his reasoning for backing Sanders in this particular interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, he has previously been extremely vocal about his support.

Aoki doesn’t know whether he’s allowed to say when or why he’ll visit the White House, so he stayed moot on those points. And though Aoki is a fan of the theatrics, he has decided to leave his cake behind when visiting the presidential home.

“No, no, I’m just honored to go.”


via Las Vegas Review Journal