It’s always really shitty when you’re a victim of a robbery. I, myself, was the victim of a robbery not too long ago when some unknown person or persons managed to get into my car and steal various items within. However, I was lucky and everything taken was easily replaceable. Bass music producer D-Jahsta was not so lucky.

In a Facebook post earlier today, D-Jahsta describes the aftermath of finding his home broken into, including finding that his laptops, speakers, clothes, money and more were missing. The only thing remaining was a single SSD that had a couple project files on it, but he said it would “be enough.”

Last night my entire house was robbed. And in one minute they stole laptops, my hard drives, my speakers, clothes,…

Posted by D-JAHSTA on Sunday, March 27, 2016

If you feel like helping out, D-Jahsta is asking you to send whatever you’re comfortable with to his PayPal:
[email protected]


Photo: Kaka Lee