If you needed any confirmation that this year’s Ultra Music Festival was a massive hit, then just consider that we’re still covering news from the festival over a week later. This time, audio has surfaced of a new Flume track played during his set.

The track was also played during Flume’s set at Laneway Festival, but this time it was AlunaGeorge who played it during their set on the Live Stage at UMF. Unfortunately, sources say that this track will not be on Flume’s sophomore album, Skin, but rather on AlunaGeorge’s sophomore album, I Remember.

The track has been sort of floating around since at least January.

“[Harley]’s on the title track called ‘I Remember’ and it’s got a little Flume flavour. This is really nice because we have been bumping into each other at music festivals over the last few years. It was good to get together finally and do something fun in the studio. You don’t often get in the same place at the same time… so it was great.” – Aluna Francis



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