These two superstars are household names to any fan of dance music, and you’d expect a collaboration between them to be an Earth-shattering combination of exotic bass and oscillating shrapnel.

However, what we’ve received is a rather standard product titled “Slam Dunk.” Premiered on OWSLA Radio, the new tune straddles the line somewhere between Valentino Khan’s writhing trap blasts and Skrillex’s own space swells. It’s a solid track, and in no way is it bad, the only issue is one that we’ve run into time and time again, with expectations consistently rising when we talk about producers of this caliber.

Kstylis’ vocals work well with the clamoring leads, and the widespread use of jungle terror has an all to apparent influence on this production. “Slam Dunk” will undoubtedly see play in both Skrillex and Valentino Khan’s DJ sets, and it’s sure to work great in a high-energy mix, but as a standalone track, we’re left wanting a bit more.