If you thought 026 was the best Monstercat could do with diversity, you were greatly mistaken. With every passing week, releases are getting more and more innovative. In a lot of ways, Monstercat seems to be turning away from the “EDM” label and gradually changing into a general music label.

This is especially evident with the release of “Some Kind of Magic,” the newest single by the Monstercat indie dance staple LVTHER (aka TwoThirds). Letting go of all EDM stereotypes, LVTHER has managed to get a straight-up radio friendly pop track on Monstercat. While his other two releases fit very snug into the “indie dance” subgenre, this one is a bit different. Not only does it pump to a much faster tempo than most other indie dance releases, but it runs off very minimal electronic influence (with no drop or any kind of instrumental break) and features a variety of instruments.

The track is only made more poppy with its feature of the Nashville duo MYZICA featured on vocals. As if the production wasn’t good enough, the vocals tie the entire thing together perfectly. All in all, this is arguably LVTHER’s best work to date.

Listen to “Some Kind of Magic” and buy the track below:

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