It’s official, festival season has finally begun. Now that the snow is finally melting and the trees are starting to bloom, music festivals of all shapes and sizes are rearing their heads for another incredible season.

With so many appetizing line ups trickling out into the public’s reach, the time to start grabbing tickets and mapping out your schedule is upon us. Luckily, company Graphiq has teamed up with search engine Wanderbat to create an interactive way to plan out the best state-by-state locations for your journey.

Using 210 of the country’s most popular music festivals, the graphic allows users to scan along 40 states to find out how well their own stacks up against the rest of the nation in the number of housed festivals. According to their findings, California and Florida lead the pack with 24 each. New York comes next with 17 festivals, and Texas with 13.

Check below to see where your home state stands, and prepare your bodies for another great season of events.