As the spring season rears its head and the nightlife scene starts to flourish once more, dance music enthusiasts across the globe will soon be planning out their routes to visit some the most noteworthy night clubs in their area and beyond. While the festival circuit in general is witnessing a competitive rise in participation, the night club experience is something that those of us willing to pay to hear some music are far away from abandoning.

In spirit of their annual collection, and to help out those of us in search of only the most incredible nighttime spots, DJ Mag has just released their 2016 list of the world’s Top 100 Clubs. From Ibiza and Singapore to Italy and Croatia, the clubs represent a staggering host of countries and their diverse venues.

At the number one spot, back from last year’s #2, is Space Ibiza. The club has been up and running for 27 years, housing dance music’s most acclaimed acts and practically inventing the popularization of daytime events.

Following close behind is Brazil’s Green Valley, the former list champion and “mecca” of South American clubbing. Then there’s Amnesia and Pacha Ibiza, the city’s second and third inclusion in just the list’s top 5. Last, we have Octagon, Seoul, South Korea’s minimalist yet expansive flagship venue.

To check out the rest of the Top 100 list and see where your favorite spots stack up, visit here. Meanwhile, learn about the history and impact of list’s winner, Space Ibiza, in the video documentary below.


Source: DJ Mag