Bassnectar¬†has left an indelible mark on the history of electronic music. Whether you view him as an idol or something else, his impact over the past decade and more is undeniable. If you don’t listen to his music, it’s still likely that you’ve heard his opinions spread out across the ether – he is, after all, extremely opinionated.

In a video from Govia Radio that has resurfaced, Bassnectar is asked about the current fad of becoming a DJ, and how seemingly easy it is to do. His response is predictably open and accepting, stating that DJing has become the easiest way to share music that you love.

“Life is so short, to sit around hating on someone because they’re not DJing the way you want them to DJ — it just seems like… go hang out in Syria for a week, and come back and tell me why this is a problem! [laughs]”

His outlook is so positive and accepting and he’s so open to people trying new things, it’s honestly a real breath of fresh air. Check out the full interview below.


FULL VERSION: Bassnectar explains his take on being a "DJ"… Not what I expected to hear..DJ's watch at your own discretion!

Posted by Govia Radio on Wednesday, April 6, 2016