When I was first getting into Monstercat around the releases of 014 – Discovery and 015 – Outlook, one of the artists that really stuck out to me was Protostar. With the release of his free Scorpion Pit (The Remixes) EP, I was hooked, especially on the VIP mix of the track. The VIP was much different than anything else I had heard on the label, with its harsh infusion of dubstep and drum & bass, and its unique rhythm patterns. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Ironically enough, Protostar’s newest single “No Turning Back” is the exact opposite of what the track’s name implies, turning back to the classic Protostar sound that I came to know and love in 2013. While the track has no dubstep infusion, there are some clear references to his more recent glitch hop sound we’ve heard in the last year with tracks like “Chrysalis,” his collaboration with Draper. However, “No Turning Back” generally caters to drum & bass, with its infectious bass-line and electric guitar sequences that will have classic Pendulum fans going nuts. Although I don’t think this is Protostar’s best work to date, “No Turning Back” is a great gift to his old fans, throwing back to his former, more intense drum & bass style.

Listen to “No Turning Back” and buy the track below:

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