While LA-based producer Justin Jay is currently performing across North America and Australia on his Fantastic Voyage tour, he’s been finding the time to steadily release new music from his recently announced project Fantastic Voyage (The Album!). The album will be released through a series of singles and EPs on various labels, and will eventually come together to represent Justin’s latest artistic effort to explore new soundscapes and step outside comfort zones. Last week, “Weatherman” took center stage as the first single from the album via Black Butter Records. The track was the second collaborative effort from the Justin Jay & Friends collective, featuring Justin and his college buddies Josh Taylor, Benny Bridges, and Henry Was.

This week, “I Can’t Complain” follows up the first single and stands as another quintessential tune from Justin Jay & Friends. Syncopated beats lead the track into Josh Taylor’s ominous vocals, eventually blending into a deep bass line, punchy percussion, and rock-heavy guitar plucks. The tune is a bit darker than the album’s first release, which is an exciting turn as we anticipate what’s to come from the 21-year-old’s debut album.