Despite EDM’s consistently growing influence on the outside music world, very few of our most favorite tracks make it into the public’s eye. For an electronic dance track to be able to permeate communities of all varieties, it has to be be created in an approachable enough fashion so that even those with a sour taste for our larger than life percussion and screaming synths have something to groove to. Flux Pavilion’s hit single “I Can’t Stop” is one such track. For years, the tune has been heard thrown out at performances of all shapes and sizes, many of them completely unrelated to traditional EDM.

To attempt to remix a track like this one, with its long held reputation and security, is a risky venture. Stray too far away from its original structure and you lose the inherent familiarity that may draw listeners in; keep too close and you haven’t done enough to make it your own. Especially for a track like “I Can’t Stop,” the reinvention must be truly incredible to garner adequate attention. But luckily for us, the day has finally come.

Using a euphoric, future bass twist, beat producer Ekali has just laid his own style on the iconic piece of music. With a song structure that holds near enough to the original to listen smoothly and a refined, optimistic coating of imperfect instrument exchanges, the tribute, as he calls it, is really a sound to behold.

It begins with foreboding, atmospheric elements behind an approaching loop of the original’s vocal hook. A series of claps and swell of noise carries us upwards into the drop, where the explosive lead synth is swapped out for pulses of thick, layered future bass ripples. Between the high points of energy, a dark and serious piano interlude establishes a beautiful contrast in tone. When we finally return to the break, it’s pure bliss.

Listen to Ekali’s remix below, and scroll further down for a free download.

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