Kayzo brought his second Doghouse Takeover to Los Angeles at the Avalon last Friday, April 8, and anyone who was there will tell you the same thing: Holy shit, what did we just see.

I’ve been going to Avalon Hollywood since I first started going to shows back in 2011, and I have not once seen a crowd or a line outside quite like the one that showed up for Kayzo. The show sold out early online, but tickets were still available at the door leaving over 200 people queued up outside the venue hoping that they had gotten there early enough. By the time that Junkie Kid started his set at about 11 o’clock, the entire club had been packed out and everyone was exceedingly happy and ready to rage.

It goes without saying that Kayzo has a dedicated sect of fans, but last Friday was something for the record books, for sure. After all of the scheduled sets had concluded, all the special guests in attendance started to throw down on a massive b2b that included Ghastly, Carnage, Borgore, Getter and more.

It’s hard to recreate the intense atmosphere created at the show, but Yoder Productions definitely did his best in trying to convey how absolutely insane the show was. Check that out below, and next time Kayzo is in your town, do NOT miss it.


Featured image and video via Yoder Productions