Boy, oh boy, do we have a weird one for you on this wonderful Wednesday. Mr. Bill and Ryanosaurus‘ collaborative project, Electrocado, has a slew of remixes for their album, Scribble, dropping soon and you can get a first listen right here, right now.

Enter Zebbler Encanti Experience (or ZEE, for short); if you’ve never encountered this duo before, their remix of ‘Circadoian Rhythms’ is a perfect introduction to their one of a kind style. These guys get fearlessly wonky and supremely strange when it comes to their compositions; wet, crunchy bass growls mesh with psychedelic synth arrangements and off-kilter percussion to create music that genuinely sounds like it was lifted off a passing UFO. Squelches, squeals, and swampy 808’s dominate a majority of this particular tune, showcasing ZEE’s absolutely bonkers sound design. And when that breakdown in the middle hits, it’s a straight up adrenaline rush; who knew psy-trance meshed so well with trap?

In short, they knocked it out of the park. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full release of Scribble Remixed, dropping April 19th on the one and only Gravitas Recordings. The album, which can be pre-ordered here, features remixes from fellow bass music maestros CloZeeFreddy ToddAMB, and many more; quality music through and through. In the meantime, Zebbler Encanti Experience’s remix can be found after the jump.


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