Ready for an unprecedented look at the life of Martijn Garritsen? His documentary with MTV, The Ride, just had its world premiere in Amsterdam, and the entire thing is loads more interesting than we imagined.

Even if you’re opposed to Martin Garrix’s rise to stardom, you can’t deny the kid’s talent. Saving up for new LED equipment in his pre-teens, playing his first club gig when he was 13, and then signing with Spinnin’ at 16 are just a few examples of what’s set him apart in today’s scene.

The full documentary will become available to the rest of the world on April 17th. Have a look at the massive Amsterdam premiere below, and even if you don’t speak Dutch, you won’t need to understand the language to get a sense of the event’s grandeur.

Below are two snippets of MTV’s collaboration with Garrix and a look at his days as DJ Marty.