I found the Australian artist Paces by complete chance on Soundcloud, thanks to its recommended tracks algorithm (some things on that site are still useful). I was immediately taken in by his beautiful chords and sounds, but none so much as the single “Work Me Out” featuring Rye Rye, who famously sang on Bassnectar’s “Now” in 2014.

Now, “Work Me Out” is getting some remixes and Your EDM is happy to premiere the incredible remix from Twinsy. The original is a tropical, swingy tune that’s very laid back and mellow. It’s something you’d definitely feel comfortable listening to on the beach sipping mai tais.

Twinsy’s interpretation, on the other hand, is at an experimental perpendicular to the original. The lyrics are so warped, cut and modulated that they hardly sound like they came from the original. The rhythm is infinitely more bouncy and club-oriented, but even then, the sound is so wildly outside of normal expectations that a general crowd might be completely caught off guard.

As far as taking an original and remixing it to be your own, I’m not sure an example has demonstrated that so clearly this year as Twinsy remixing Paces.

Check that out now below!

Listen to Paces’ debut LP, Vacation, here.