Coachella this year is sporting a LOT of dance music – check out the full Coachella lineup here. Even more than years before, it’s going to be tough to decide who’s a must-see and who you can afford to catch next time. This list will not fit everyone’s taste, but these are definitely some of the acts that you need to catch at Coachella this year.

This list also doesn’t include the closers at the Outdoor Theater stage – Flume, Jack Ü, and Zedd – because we know that people are gonna go to see those artists anyway. We don’t need to flaunt it.

So without further ado…

The Top 10 Artists To See At Coachella This Year

10. Skepta (Friday – Sahara // 1:40-2:25)

Grime is making a huge push in the US, and who better to initiate the uninitiated than Skepta? If you’re a fan of the rap/dance music combination, we highly suggest you check him out. (Note: we know that rap/dance is a highly simplified explanation of what grime is. But if you already know what it is, we don’t need to convince you to see Skepta, now do we?)

9. Robert DeLong (Friday – Outdoor // 3:45-4:35)

Robert DeLong is a master technician at turning the weirdest items, like WiiMotes, into fully-functioning controllers. If you’re looking for an innovative live show while still sticking with dance music, DeLong is your guy.

8. Mr. Carmack (Saturday – Sahara // 3:05-3:55)

There’s no show that Mr. Carmack hasn’t rocked. As a purveyor of the finest in experimental trap, Carmack is a god to fans who know what he’s all about. Seeing him lay down 50 minutes of his own flavor in the Sahara tent is going to be a really special treat.

7. Underworld (Friday – Sahara // 7:35-8:45)

This is a legendary group who is returning to re-educate the masses on what classic dance music is all about. We’re not sure what their set is going to be like, or even how many people will give them a chance against A$AP Rocky and M83, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this.

6. M83 (Friday – Main Stage // 7:55-8:45)

Yeah… while we love Underworld and all they stand for, we still recommend you check out M83, too. They just put out a new album and it’s full of fresh and unique twists. Since they’re playing on the main stage this year, it’s going to be quite an epic show.

5. ZHU (Saturday – Sahara // 10:45-11:35)

ZHU is making his Coachella debut this year at the penultimate closing slot on Saturday, just before RL Grime. While he’s oddly situated between Snails and RL, we still expect a massive crowd for his set, so you should definitely get there early. We also expect that he’s going to have a very special live show – his first live sets were special enough, but come on. This is Coachella. It would be silly if he didn’t pump things up a bit.

4. Parov Stelar (Friday – Gobi // 9:30-10:20)

If you’ve never heard of Parov Stelar, I really don’t want to tell you too much. He produces what others would call ‘electroswing,’ but to him, it’s just fun music. He’ll have his live band with him, too, making it extra extra fun. Go into this set with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Lido (Friday – Gobi // 8:20-9:05)

A little birdy told us that Lido is going to be playing his new album in full for his Coachella set. If that doesn’t tickle you in all the right places, I don’t know what will.

2. LCD Soundsystem (Friday – Main Stage // 11:00-??)

It’s the return of LCD Soundsystem. We really don’t know what else we have to say.

1. Calvin Harris (Sunday – Main Stage // 10:35-??)

We know, we know, but hear us out. Calvin Harris is the first ever DJ to headline the main stage of Coachella. It’s an incredible moment in history and we know that dance fans are going to want to tell their kids about the moment they knew that dance music was taking over. You also don’t really have a lot of other choices at that time slot, with only Deafheaven and Nosaj Thing playing conflicting sets. And if you like either of those artists enough to skip Calvin, we’re not going to twist your arm about it.

But even if you don’t like Calvin, give it a shot. He’s sure to have a bunch of surprise guests and you don’t want to miss the new track he’s probably going to drop. We haven’t even considered what his stage will look like, but now that we’re thinking about it, what could that even be!?