When The Life Of Pablo was released, Kanye West promised that it would be on TIDAL only. That it would only ever be on TIDAL. Well, in the past month, The Life Of Pablo is now on Apple Music, Spotify and more. Most felt jilted at such a blatant lie, especially because many users who signed up to hear the album on TIDAL never would have subscribed to the service otherwise. Thanks to Kanye’s claim, TIDAL gained millions more in subscribers, as well as added millions more to their bottom line.

While most were content to just be unhappy and fume beneath the surface, Justin Baker-Rhett is filing a class action lawsuit against Kanye. In the suit, Baker-Rhett “requested a judge force Tidal to delete data on users who subscribed to hear Pablo.” The lawsuit also “argued the new subscribers and their information could be worth up to $84 million.”

A lawyer for Baker-Rhett told Pitchfork that the plaintiff believes that “superstars are required to follow the same rules as everyone else. Even if their streaming service is struggling, they can’t trick millions of people into paying money (and giving up personal information) just to boost valuation numbers.”