There’s no denying that dance music is the biggest its ever been nowadays, but even then, the genre still only makes up a small piece of the entire music industry pie. A few dance music stars, like Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Skrillex, have been able to crossover into the mainstream while still maintaining their status in the dance music world, but these artists are few and far between. One of the biggest stars in dance music last year was EDX, who was the producer behind some of the biggest tracks of the year like his remix of “Show Me Love,” “Missing,” “Belong,” amongst others. EDX is firmly positioned in the dance music world, and he’s done a stellar job at staying at the forefront of dance music with strong productions and a great live show. Now, EDX is reaping the benefits, as he’s been nominated for 4 EMPO Awards down in Mexico, such as Producer of the Year, Remix of the Year for “Show Me Love,” Best Label for Enormous Tunes, and Best Indie Dance / Nu Disco Artist. These nominations come on the heel of Beatport naming EDX their #1 charting artist of 2015, and continue to prove that EDX elevates his career year after year into the dance music’s upper echelon.