It seems that even with Coachella going on, SFX Entertainment just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. Following an announcement over the weekend that ticketing company Flavorus was ready to be auctioned off, it looks like several other companies under the SFX umbrella will soon join them.

According to publication We Got This Covered, who have closely monitored SFX’s financial situation for some time now, rumors have arisen which finger ID&T as possibly the next former SFX investment to be let go. ID&T is a Dutch based ‘entertainment and media enterprise’ known for organizing events such as Mysterland, Sensation, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, and more.

In addition, the same sources utilized by We Got This Covered indicate a corporate restructuring of ID&T which will now feature Wouter Tavecchio and Jan Lok. Tavecchio is the co-founder of Q-Dance, and Lok the founder of B2S, both previous SFX brands, as well, interestingly enough.

Hardstyle fans will be familiar with Q-Dance for their hardstyle-centric music events including Defqon.1 while B2S also operates in the same musical realm with local Dutch events.


H/T: We Got This Covered